This is our January log of Coronavirus headlines. We try to cover the significant Coronavirus headlines in the news.

27/01/2020 – 73 people have been tested for Coronavirus in the UK and all found negative.

27/01/2020 – Germany and Japan confirmed that they had cases involving people who had not travelled to China but caught the virus from someone who had. Previously this had only been found with one person in Vietnam.

27/01/2020 – Authorities in Beijing have confirmed that a 50-year-old man had died. This is the first coronavirus fatality in the Chinese capital.

28/01/2020 – The first human to human transmission of Coronavirus in Europe has been reported in Germany. A man was infected by a work colleague who had returned from China. What is of particular concern is that the woman who originally had the virus showed no symptoms when she transmitted it to her colleague.

28/01/2020 – Chinese death toll from Coronavirus hits 106.

28/01/2020 – The virus has spread across China and to at least another 16 countries globally.

28/01/2020 – Hong Kong Looking to restrict travel over border with China.

28/01/2020 – Confirmed global cases of Coronavirus Exceed 4,500.

29/01/2020 – UK to repatriate British Nationals from Wuhan on Thursday 30th January.

29/01/2020 – Repatriated Brits from Wuhan to be quarantined for two weeks on a military base when they arrive back in the UK.

29/01/2020 – Number infected by Wuhan Coronavirus exceeds that in the Sars epidemic of 2002.

29/01/2020 – British Airways suspends all flights to and from mainland China in attempt to reduce the spread of the Wuhan Coronavirus.

29/01/2020 – Japan the US and EU repatriating their citizens from China.

29/01/2020 – Australia planning to use Christmas Island to quarantine China arrivals.

30/01/2020 – US (Chicago) reports first human-to-human transmission.

30/01/2020 – Today is the fastest increase in the Coronavirus death rate in China. It is now accelerating.

30/01/2020 – World Health Organisation (WHO) to meet to declare the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak a global emergency.

30/01/2020 – 161 people so far tested negative in the UK for the Coronavirus.

30/01/2020 – Coronavirus death toll rises to 170.

30/01/2020 – 6,000 people stuck on cruise ship in Italy as a passenger is tested for Coronavirus.

30/01/2020 – UK to fly Brit nationals out of Wuhan on Friday 31/01/2020 and quarantine them in NHS hospital in north of the country.

30/01/2020 – 7,711 confirmed Coronavirus cases in China.

30/01/2020 – Russia Closes Chinese border as Wuhan Coronavirus spreads.

31/01/2020 – Professor Chris Whitty Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for England & the UK government’s Chief Medical Adviser declares that the global mortality rate for the Coronavirus is 2%

31/01/2020 – First Coronavirus cases identified in the UK. Two members of the same family. Patients now at secure NHS unit in Newcastle in the North East of England.

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