This is our weekly log of Coronavirus headlines. We try to cover the significant Coronavirus headlines in the news.

01/02/2020 US and Australia close borders to Chinese arrivals.

02/02/2020 – First Coronavirus death reported outside China.

02/02/2020 Chinese Coronavirus death toll rises by 45 in just one day.

03/02/2020China pumps billions into the economy to stabilise it after the Coronavirus outbreak.

04/02/2020 – Death toll from Coronavirus (China/global) exceed that of SARS.

04/02/2020 Hong Kong medics go on strike to force the Hong Kong government to close the border with mainland China.

05/02/2020 – All NHS hospitals in the UK have been ordered by the UK government to create secure Coronavirus areas or ‘Pods’. Those arriving at Accident and Emergency and suspected of having Coronavirus will be directed to these areas where they will phone medical staff on a national help-line ‘111’.

05/02/2020Chinese Grand Prix to be held in Shanghai on 19th April is in doubt because of Coronavirus outbreak. The Shanghai Sports General Association instructed sports bodies to suspend events until the threat from the virus is over. A decision is to be made today.

05/02/2020 Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam has implemented measures to require anyone entering the country from China to undergo a 14 day quarantine period.

05/02/2020 Globally Stock Markets and Oil Price rise on rumour of Chinese breakthrough in creating a Coronavirus cure.

05/02/2020 – More than 24,500 Coronavirus cases identified globally.

05/02/2020 – A baby born in Wuhan to a mother who has Coronavirus has itself been found to have the disease.

05/02/2020 Coronavirus death toll approaches 500 China/Global?

05/02/2020UK Government urges all British Nationals to leave China.

06/02/2020 Coronavirus kills the Chinese whistleblower doctor Li Wenliang. He sent out a warning to fellow medics on 30 December when he was working as an ophthalmologist (eye doctor) at Wuhan Central Hospital. Police then visited him to tell him to stop, as authorities tried to keep the news of the potential epidemic under wraps. It is believed that Coronavirus can be caught through the virus coming into contact with exposed eyes.

06/02/2020 Globally The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared the Coronavirus outbreak an emergency but not yet a pandemic (epidemic is within a country, pandemic involves active spread in more than one country.)

06/02/2020 – Current Chinese Coronavirus stats (China only – Source: National Health Commission China):

  • 564 – dead (the two confirmed deaths outside China have been one in Hong Kong and one in the Philippines.)
  • 1,153 – cured
  • 28,018 – confirmed cases (the true figure of Corona virus cases is thought to be 10x this figure.)
  • 24,702- suspected cases
  • 186,354 – under medical watch

06/02/2020 – A third Coronavirus case has been reported in the UK. The infected person caught the virus whilst abroad (Singapore).

06/02/2020 – Concern in the UK that Chinese approach to treating and containing the Coronavirus has resulted in massive under reporting of actual cases and is skewing disease projection models.

07/02/2020 – Scientists believe that the animal to human transmission chain in China for Coronavirus was Wild Bat > Pangolin (food market) > Human being.

07/02/2020Chinese medics are trialing an anti-HIV drug called Kaletra as a treatment for the Coronavirus. This has led to panic buying and the creation of a black market for the drug.

07/02/2020 – The fashion house Burberry is warning that they have suffered a massive drop in footfall in their Chinese stores due to the Coronavirus forcing people to stay at home and has resulted in Burberry closing 24 of its 64 stores on mainland China.

07/02/2020 – Increase in Coronavirus cases being reported in Singapore. Indonesia appears to be under-reporting Coronavirus infections.

07/02/20 UK to roll out Coronavirus diagnostic test across the country and increase testing capacity to 1,000 people a day. Testing is currently being performed at just one lab in London.

07/02/2020 – Drop in rate of new Coronavirus cases being reported for the last two days has been cautiously welcomed by the World Health Organization (WHO).

07/02/2020 Hong Kong has said that people from China who break quarantine rules will face up to six months in Prison and a large fine.

07/02/2020Chinese GDP growth projections of 5.7% downgraded to 5.0% on back of Coronavirus Outbreak.

07/02/2020 – Foxconn, The firm that supplies Apple asks for permission from Chinese government to re-open its production lines after Coronavirus forces a close down. Also looking to produce 2m Corona masks per day for staff and then the general public.

07/02/2020 Chinese authorities respond to an outpouring of anger in China at the death of Li Wenliang who was forced to sign a ‘confession’ of rumour mongering about the existence of the Coronavirus. Full Wikipedia Biography

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