This is our weekly log of Coronavirus headlines. We try to cover the significant Coronavirus headlines in the news.

08/02/2020UK Government looking to introduce legislation to enable enforced quarantines. Under current legislation the government is not allowed to hold someone in quarantine against their will.

09/02/2020UK Government announces that the country is facing a serious and imminent danger from Coronavirus.

10/02/2020 – Number of UK Coronavirus cases doubles overnight and now stands at eight.

10/02/2020 – One of the passengers on the first repatriation flight from Wuhan to the UK is reported to be threatening to abscond from quarantine on the Wirral. At the moment there is little the government can do to prevent this happening.

11/02/2020UK government placing the NHS on a ‘War footing’ and warning it is going to get a lot worse before it gets better regarding COVID-19.

11/02/2020 – Death rate from COVID-19 appears to be around 1% – 2% globally.

11/02/2020 Coronavirus formally named as COVID-19 by WHO (global).

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