This is our weekly log of Coronavirus headlines. We try to cover the significant Coronavirus headlines in the news.

22/02/2020 – The WHO announced that it believes we are now entering a global second phase with the disease. The recent outbreaks in South Korea, Italy and Iran lead it to believe that globally COVID-19 is being under reported and that there are a large number of people who are infected and spreading the disease but don’t know it. In summary the phase one containment efforts appear to have failed and we are now entering a new phase.

26/02/2020 – There are now more new cases of Coronavirus being reported OUTSIDE China than there is in China.

27/02/2020 Chinese authorities advise that studies have shown that 14% of people who catch Coronavirus, go on to catch it again once they have got over the first bout of illness.

27/02/2020 – The German government acknowledges that it is impossible to trace all cases of Coronavirus in the country back to the source.

28/02/2020Iranian death toll from Coronavirus hits 26 and Friday prayers cancelled in an attempt to reduce the spread of the virus.

28/02/202 – The World Health Organisation (WHO) has upgraded the global risk from the coronavirus to “very high”, saying the continued increase in cases and countries affected was “clearly of concern”.

28/02/2020 – The World Health Organisation (WHO) has stated there are more than 20 vaccines currently being developed globally against the new Coronavirus and the first test results are expected in the next few weeks.

28/02/2020 First British fatality from Coronavirus is announced.

28/02/2020 – Over 100 medical staff are quarantined in Solano County California in the US, due to fears that they may have been in contact with Someone with Coronavirus.

29/02/2020 South Korea announces 813 new cases of Coronavirus in a single day.

29/02/2020 Italian death toll increases by 8 in one day and now stands at 29.

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