This is our weekly log of Coronavirus headlines. We try to cover the significant Coronavirus headlines in the news.

01/03/2020 – The Chinese death toll from Coronavirus stands at a total of 2,870 deaths from 79,824 cases.

01/03/2020 – The Chinese death rate from Coronavirus stands at 3.6%

01/03/2020 – The Italian death toll from Coronavirus stands at 29 dead out of 1,128 confirmed cases.

01/03/2020 – The Italian death rate from Coronavirus stands at 2.6%

01/03/2020 –  The number of confirmed Coronavirus infections in Iran jumps overnight by 50% to 978.

01/03/2020Iranian death toll from Coronvirus rises to 54.

01/03/2020 – The Iranian death rate from Coronavirus stands at 5.5%

01/03/2020 – It is believed that the US drug company Moderna has a Covid-19/Coronavirus vaccine ready for human trials in April 2020.

01/03/2020 – After a number of days during which the reported Chinese infection rate has been dropping, China announced on Sunday, another 573 new cases in one day. This is the biggest increase over the previous week.

01/03/2020 – The daily death toll in China has dropped to 35, down from Saturday’s count of 47.

01/03/2020UK government says that it will consider putting whole cities into lockdown if necessary to prevent the spread of Coronavirus in the UK.

01/03/2020 – Large increase in number of Coronavirus cases now being reported in the UK. It jumps from three new cases to another twelve new cases, a 400% increase in the number of new cases being reported in just 24 hours. The total number of Coronavirus cases in the UK now stands at 35.

01/03/2020 – First death in the USA from Coronavirus is reported. The victim is a man in his 50s from Washington state. He died, after being tested for the disease on Thursday.

It is not known how he contracted the virus because he did not have any history of travel to affected areas or contact with others who have been diagnosed with Coronavirus.

01/03/2020 – The first death in Australia from Coronavirus has been reported. He was 78 and had been a passenger on the Diamond Princess cruise ship.

01/03/2020 – The first death in Thailand from Coronavirus has been reported. He was 35 years old and also had dengue fever.

01/03/2020UK publishes its guide to the phases of a Coronavirus epidemic. The UK is currently in phase 1, the Containment phase

  • Containment – caring for any infected people and identifying their close contacts
  • Delay – deciding what actions to take to slow down the spread
  • Mitigation – damage limitation if the virus spreads widely 
  • Research – constant and ongoing work to inform the three other phases

01/03/2020 – The leader of a religious sect in South Korea could face a homicide investigation over some of the country’s coronavirus deaths.

The city government of the capital Seoul has asked prosecutors to charge Lee Man-hee, the founder of the Shincheonji Church, and 11 others.

They are accused of hiding the names of some members as officials tried to track patients before the virus spread.

Though it has a much lower death rate than other counties dealing with a Coronavirus outbreak, South Korea is battling the worst coronavirus outbreak outside China. The country has reported 3,730 cases and 21 deaths so far.

02/03/2020UK Government accepts the spread of Coronavirus in the UK is ‘highly likely’ and is putting in place plans to use the army and police to enforce ‘lock down’ if necessary.

02/03/2020 Global death toll from Coronavirus passes 3,000 and the number of known cases stands at over 88,000 globally.

02/03/2020 – An Iran Council member close to Khameni dies of Coronavirus.

02/03/2020 – The OECD is advising that the economic impact of Coronavirus on the global economy could be bigger than that of the crash in 2008. Why this is of particular concern is due to how much the global supply chain has become dependant on Chinese production over the last decade.

This combined with National banks having limited ‘wriggle room’ because of the extraordinarily low interest rates in effect at the moment, means that the recovery from a potential Coronavirus crash could be much harder than in 2008 – 2010.

02/03/2020 – A second Coronavirus death reported in the USA. The victim lived in the US state of New York.

02/03/2020Australia reports on its first case of human to human transmission of the Coronavirus.

02/03/2020Coronavirus seems to be having a resurgence in Hubai province, China. The number of cases in the province have increased for the second day in a row. China has reported 202 new cases today, of which 196 were from Hubei. All 42 deaths reported on Monday also originated from Hubei.

03/03/2020 – The WHO head, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said globally, about 3.4% of global confirmed cases of the coronavirus have died. Seasonal flu’s fatality rate is less than 1%.

03/03/2020China has confirmed the count of new virus cases has fallen again to just 125, after a six-week low of 202 the previous day. China seems to be winning the battle.

03/03/2020 – The China Coronavirus count currently stands at, 80,151 cases and 2,943 deaths.

03/03/2020 – The Iranian government has announced a death toll of 77 and a total of 2,336 confirmed cases.

03/03/2020 – Washington state’s department of health reports that the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the US now stands at 27, including the deaths of nine people. That is up from 18 cases and six deaths on Monday.

03/03/2020 – About 8% of the Iranian parliament’s MPs have tested positive for the coronavirus, officials have said, as the country announced plans to mobilise 300,000 soldiers and volunteers against the deadliest outbreak of the epidemic outside China.

03/03/2020 – The US central bank has slashed interest rates in response to mounting concerns about the economic impact of the coronavirus. The Federal Reserve lowered its benchmark rate by 50 basis points to a range of 1% to 1.25%. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said the US economy remains strong but it is difficult to predict the “magnitude and persistence” of the effects of the spreading virus.

The virus and the measures that are being taken to contain it will surely weigh on economic activity for some time, both here and abroad,” he said .

03/03/2020 Japan – Tokyo 2020 Olympics may be delayed until later in the year due to Coronavirus. The summer games are unlikely to be cancelled at this late stage due to Tokyo’s contract with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) which “calls for the Games to be held within 2020”.

03/03/2020 – The confirmed number of Coronavirus cases in the UK now stands at 51. This is an increase of 12 in less than 24 hours.

03/03/2020 – The UK today announced the measures it will put into place to control the spread of the Coronavirus. They include focusing the police on only important crime cases if necessary and using the army to support the police when it comes to law and order.

03/03/2020 – The confirmed number of Coronavirus cases in Germany now stands at 188.

03/03/2020 Italy’s business lobby Confindustria has said that the Coronavirus outbreak will strongly impact economic growth in the first half of 2020 and will send the country into a deepening recession.

04/03/2020 – in South Korea, phone alerts signify when users come within 100 metres of a confirmed Coronavirus case, based on government data.

04/03/2020 – Yet another victim of Coronavirus. Airline Flybe is set to collapse on Wednesday night, putting 2,000 jobs at risk after a bid for fresh financial support failed. Exeter-based Flybe said the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on demand for air travel was partly to blame. Its final airborne flights are expected to touch down at airports across the UK late on Wednesday evening.

04/03/2020 – The latest Coronavirus count for the UK is now 87, with all but three of the people involved having been to a high-risk area or had contact with someone who has traveled to a high-risk area.

04/03/2020 – The coronavirus outbreak has led to India restricting the export of dozens of drugs. The restricted drugs include paracetamol, antibiotics such as tinidazole and erythromycin, and the hormone progesterone, which is used in the contraceptive pill. India is one of the world’s largest producers and exporters of drugs, with the US and Europe heavily reliant on the supply.

04/03/2020 – Health officials in France say around 8,300 masks and 1,200 bottles of sanitising health gel have been stolen from Paris hospitals. Another 2,000 surgery masks have disappeared from a hospital in Marseilles.  The French government says it will take legal measures to rein in the soaring prices being demanded for bottles of hand gel. Anyone wanting to buy masks from a pharmacy will have to get a medical prescription.

04/03/2020Coronavirus cases in the UK jump by 34 in a day, taking total number to 85.

04/03/2020 Germany has imposed an immediate ban on exports of personal protective equipment, including masks and gloves, in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

04/03/2020 Italy is to close all schools and colleges across the country for two weeks in an attempt to control coronavirus outbreak.

04/03/2020 – An EU official in Brussels has tested positive for the new coronavirus.The man, a member of staff at the European Defence Agency (EDA), had recently returned from a trip to Italy.

04/03/2020 – The death toll from Coronavirus in Italy has reached 79 people.

05/03/2020 – The first Coronavirus death in the UK has been announced. The victim was an elderly patient with underlying health conditions.

05/03/2020 – The UK has reversed the decision it made yesterday to only report on Coronavirus cases one a weekly basis. It was argued that by doing this, the government would encourage fear because it was not being open with the British people. It will continue to report on the number of Coronavirus cases in the UK on a daily basis with interim reports if needed.

05/03/2020 – The number of Coronavirus cases identified in the UK leaps to 115.

05/03/2020 – It has been confirmed that humans can pass the Coronavirus onto dogs. The advice is not to ‘kiss’ your pet (global).

05/03/2020 – The Coronavirus outbreak in the UK has officially moved into ‘Delay’ or phase two of the UK Government’s Coronavirus prevention and management strategy. Check out the item on this on 01/03/2020 at the bottom of this page for more details. Phase one lasted four days.

05/03/2020 – Three more Coronavirus infections have been identified in Scotland.

05/03/2020 – The US state of California has declared a state of emergency after announcing its first coronavirus death, bringing the US death toll from the disease to 11. The 71-year-old man, who died in a hospital near Sacramento, had underlying health conditions and had been on a cruise ship, said officials.

06/03/2020 An 80 years old man with underlying health issues has become the second Coronavirus fatality in the UK.

06/03/2020 – The number of UK Coronavirus cases rises to 164.

06/03/2020 – The global number of Coronavirus cases has topped 100,000.

06/03/2020 – The number of coronavirus cases in the UK has now reached 163, the government has confirmed. It is a jump of 48 cases since Thursday and the biggest increase in one day.

06/03/2020 – The streaming platform Twitch has cancelled its annual European convention, due to “potential health risks” around coronavirus.

06/03/2020 – Asia Development Bank analysis suggests potential impact on global economy global ranges from $77bn to $347bn

06/03/2020 Global stock markets see sharp falls over growing fears that coronavirus may cause a global economic slump

06/03/2020 China’s central province of Hubei (excluding the provincial capital Wuhan) has reported no new cases of coronavirus over 24 hours for the first time during the outbreak.

06/03/2020 – The estimated global death toll from Coronavirus now stands at over 3,300 with over 98,000 cases confirmed.

06/03/2020 – Vice-premier Sun Chunlan, of China, was heckled with shouts of ‘“fake, fake, everything is fake” as she inspected the work of a neighbourhood committee charged with taking care of quarantined residents in Wuhan,

06/03/2020 – Donald Trump accepts that the Coronavirus outbreak may hit the US economy.

06/03/2020 – People are being warned by psychologists in the UK not to panic about the outbreak.

06/03/2020 Iraq announces its first two deaths from Coronavirus.

07/03/2020 – The death toll in Italy has passed 230, with officials reporting more than 50 deaths in 24 hours. The number of confirmed cases jumped by more than 1,200 to 5,883 on Saturday.

07/03/2020 – The death toll from coronavirus in the United States rose on Saturday afternoon to 19 people, as authorities announced two deaths in Florida, the first US deaths outside the west coast, two more in Washington state

07/03/2020 – Across the USA there were 400 confirmed cases of coronavirus, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and state and local governments.

07/03/2020 – The governor of New York has declared a state of emergency with regards to Coronavirus.

07/03/2020 – A hotel used for medical observation of people who had come into contact with coronavirus patients has collapsed in south-east China, trapping 70 people, according to reports.

07/03/2020 – Nicola Zingaretti, the Leader of Italian Democratic party has coronavirus.

07/03/2020 – England’s deputy chief medical officer said today that the UK remained in the outbreak’s “containment” phase. She also said the UK was “teetering on the edge” of sustained transmission.

07/03/2020 – The number of coronavirus cases in the UK has reached 206 – a rise of 43 since figures were released on Friday.

07/03/2020 – In the UK, in a move to prevent sick people turning up at a clinic to see a doctor, face-to-face GP appointments are being replaced by phone or Skype consultations under new NHS plans, with some practices cancelling all in-person appointments.

07/03/2020 – The UK has announced it has plans in place to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic resulting in up to 315,000 deaths.

07/03/2020Australian health authorities are trying to contact up to 70 patients of a Melbourne doctor who has developed Coronavirus after returning from the US.

07/03/2020 – The death toll from Coronavirus in Italy has risen to 197 after the largest daily increase in fatalities there since the outbreak began. Officials have said 49 people have died in 24 hours, while more than 4,600 cases have been reported in total.

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