This is our weekly log of Coronavirus headlines. We cover the significant Coronavirus headlines in the news.This will be updated throughout the day.

This is an attempt to curate many threads into a coherent framework to show the escalation of the Coronavirus and its impact on countries, communities, and most importantly of all, people.

We feel that whereas this is not a scientific endeavour, there is so much information that is being pumped out by the media and it is quickly becoming forgotten as things move on at such a speed.

We encourage others to improve on what we are attempting and start to record the impact of the virus on them and their communities.

March 08 – March 14 2020

08/03/2020 – The global Coronavirus tally stands today as 107,000 people infected and 3,650 lives lost.

08/03/2020Austria’s chancellor has said other European countries will be forced to adopt containment measures as drastic as Italy’s, after Rome placed a quarter of the population in lockdown in an effort to halt the rapid spread of the coronavirus.

08/03/2020Italian death toll from Coronavirus now hits 366. This is an almost 30% increase in the death rate in one day.

08/03/2020 – The total number of infections in Italy leapt up by 25% to 7,375 from 5,883, in one day, according to the Civil Protection agency. This is higher than the rate at the start of the day in South Korea and it is looking that Italy will soon surpass South Korea in the reported infection rate.

08/03/2020 – The number of people in the UK to test positive for Coronavirus has risen from from 209 to 273 today.

08/03/2020 – The UK supermarket Tesco has begun rationing essential food and household items as a result of coronavirus panic buying. It is limiting the amount of antibacterial gels, wipes and sprays, dry pasta, UHT milk and some tinned vegetables to five items per customer.

08/03/2020 Hong Kong scientists warn the Coronavirus spread will not end this year, and all we can do for now is to reduce the spread until we have a vaccine in place.

08/03/2020 – The infection rate for Coronavirus in South Korea has now reached 7,134. South Korea has the second highest rate of infection in the world.

08/03/2020Italy will lock down at least 10 million people in the region of Lombardy and 11 provinces in the north and the east of the country.

The mandatory quarantine will last until early April. This dramatic escalation in the country’s efforts to contain the new deadly coronavirus will close gyms, pools, museums and ski resorts. Italy is Europe’s worst hit-country and reported a steep rise in virus infections on Saturday. The new measures could take effect as early as Sunday and will last until 3 April.

09/03/2020UK Charities preparing to feed children if schools shut over the coronavirus.

09/03/2020Saudi Arabia cordons off the oil-rich, predominantly Shia region of Qatif

09/03/2020 – the Italian stock market plunged by over 10% on the back of the Coronavirus calamity.

09/03/2020 – The German bank Berenberg has forecast that the coronavirus will drag Europe’s economy into recession this year.

09/03/2020 – The British FTSE 100 index falls by 8.5% on opening, partly due to fears of the Coronavirus outbreak leading to a global recession.

09/03/2020 – Third British/UK Coronavirus fatality is announced.

09/03/2020 – The number of identified Coronavirus cases in the USA now stands at over 500.

09/03/2020 – The number of Coronavirus cases in Germany now stands at over 1,112.

09/03/2020 – China has 40 new cases of Coronavirus the lowest increase in one day since when reporting began in January.

09/03/2020South Korea has also reported a drop in the speed of reporting of new Coronavirus cases. Whilst these drops in the infection rate in China and South Korea are very welcome, combined with the increase in Coronavirus infection rates in the USA, Iran and Italy, this indicates that the locus of control has now swung west. Where the battle has to be fought.

09/03/2020 Global number of confirmed Coronavirus infections stands at over 110,000.

09/03/2020 – The Coronavirus totals for the UK now stand at 285 confirmed infections, with three deaths.

09/03/2020Dublin/Ireland has cancelled its annual St Patrick’s Day parade amid fears about the spread of coronavirus, Irish broadcaster RTÉ has reported. Earlier on Monday, Cork moved to cancel its parade, the second largest in the country attracting up to 50,000 people.

09/03/2020 – People in the UK who show “even minor” signs of respiratory tract infections or a fever, will soon be told to self-isolate in an effort to tackle the coronavirus outbreak.

09/03/2020 – Five people have now died from coronavirus in the UK. There were 319 confirmed cases as of 09:00 GMT on Monday, a rise of 46 since the same time on Sunday.

09/03/2020Germany has reported it’s first Coronavirus death.

09/03/2020 – In the past 24 hours the number of deaths from coronavirus in Italy has risen from 366 to 463.

09/03/2020 Italian officials say there are 7,985 people were infected. An increase of 1,598 more since the 8th. The total number of cases in Italy is 9,172; 724 have recovered from the illness.

10/03/2020 Italy implements its proposed national Coronavirus ‘lock down’.

10/03/2020Global – People infected with Coronavirus are symptom-free for an average of five days, according to a study that reinforces the need for strict quarantine measures.

The analysis found that 5.1 days was the median length of time before people started showing signs of illness, although there was a wide range of incubation periods, with a tiny minority of people taking up to two weeks.

10/03/2020 – The start of the UK peak of the Coronavirus epidemic is expected within the next fortnight, England’s deputy chief medical officer has said.

10/03/2020 – There have now been more than 4,000 deaths caused globally by the new Coronavirus, according to figures from Johns Hopkins University. The latest toll is 4,012 after China announced 17 more deaths from the virus on Monday.

10/03/2020 – Mainland China reported no new locally transmitted coronavirus cases outside of Hubei province, where the outbreak began, for the third straight day.

10/03/2020 – In the US, hopes rise over an experimental drug’s effectiveness against Coronavirus. Many see remdesivir as one of few drugs that has reasonable prospects of helping patients.

The first clinical trial of the antiviral medicine remdesivir in Covid-19 / Coronavirus patients is due to report its findings next month (April) according to Gilead Sciences, which said it had accelerated manufacturing of the drug to increase its supplies “as rapidly as possible”.

10/03/2020 – In the UK, victims of race hate crimes linked to the Coronavirus outbreak have been urged by police to come forward after a Chinese student’s jaw was dislocated in a street attack.

10/03/2020 Iran today release its latest Coronavirus impact figures. They currently stand at new infections in the past 24 hours are 881 and deaths in the same time period are at 54. The number of confirmed cases in Iran have reached 8,042 and the total number of deaths 291.

10/03/2020 Morocco has reported its first death from the coronavirus.

10/03/2020 – in the UK/Ireland, Ryanair has cancelled all international flights to and from Italy from Saturday until April 9, the airline has announced.

10/03/2020 – The latest from the European centre for disease prevention and control is that 14,890 cases have been reported in the EU/EEA and the UKItaly (9,172), France (1,412), Spain (1,204), Germany (1,139), Netherlands (321), United Kingdom (321), Sweden (248), Belgium (239), Norway (192), Austria (131), Denmark (113), Greece (84), Iceland (65), Czech Republic (40), Finland (40), Portugal (39), Ireland (21), Poland (17), Romania (17), Slovenia (16), Croatia (12), Estonia (10), Hungary (9), Latvia (6), Luxembourg (5), Slovakia (5), Bulgaria (4), Malta (4), Cyprus (2), Liechtenstein (1) and Lithuania (1).

As of 10 March, 532 deaths have been reported in the EU/EEA and the UK: Italy (464), France (30), Spain (28), United Kingdom (5), Netherlands (3) and Germany (2).

10/03/2020 – The number of coronavirus cases in the UK has now reached 373, a rise of 54 from Monday’s figure. It comes as a man in his early 80s became the sixth person to die in the UK with the virus.

10/03/2020 – Eleven inmates have died in Italy after a series of prison riots erupted over new restrictions imposed by the government to contain the outbreak of Coronavirus, Lorenzo Tondo, a Guardian correspondent in Italy, reports.

Tensions have sparked on Sunday when detainees were informed that the new emergency decree banned visits from relatives to reduce infections. 

Eight of the deaths stemmed from rioting at Modena’s prison, where all but one victim is thought to have died of overdoses after inmates raided the jail’s pharmacy.

10/03/2020 – The death toll from an outbreak of coronavirus in Italy has jumped by 168 to 631, an increase of 36%, the Civil Protection Agency said on Tuesday, the largest rise in absolute numbers since the contagion came to light on 21 February, Reuters reports.

10/03/2020 – New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced a one-mile (1.6km) coronavirus “containment zone” around a town north of New York City. New Rochelle has seen “probably the largest cluster” of US cases, he said.

National Guard troops will be used to clean schools in the town and deliver food to any quarantined individuals.

10/03/2020 – In the US, Both Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders have cancelled Tuesday campaign events in Ohio amid coronavirus concerns, the Associated Press (AP) is reporting.

Sanders had been planning to speak at a convention centre in Cleveland as results from six states voting in the Democratic presidential contests began rolling in. But he pulled the plug only about three hours before it was scheduled to start and his campaign announced that decisions on future events would be made on a case-by-case basis, according to AP.

A Biden spokesman initially suggested the former vice president’s own event in Cleveland would go on as scheduled, but his campaign subsequently released a statement saying it was off.

10/03/2020 – The number of people in the US confirmed to be suffering from coronavirus stands on Tuesday 10/03/2020 afternoon at at least 900 case. This has more than doubled in the last three days and the death toll stands at 29 deaths.

11/03/2020Indonesia announces its first death from Coronavirus. It was of a 53 year old British woman who was reportedly already critically ill and suffering from diabetes, hypertension, hyperthyroidism and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, an Indonesian government spokesman said. There have been 27 cases of the virus in Indonesia so far.

11/03/2020 – At least 35 US states and the District of Columbia had reported infections of Covid-19/Coronavirus by Tuesday night (10/03/2020), increasing the national total by almost 50% in the space of 24 hours to 1,030. The global number of cases has risen close to 120,000.

11/03/2020 – The Bank of England has cut UK interest rates in an emergency move to bolster the economy amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The monetary policy committee voted unanimously to slash the bank rate from 0.75% to 0.25% at an unscheduled meeting.

11/03/2020 – China looking to open up some industries in Wuhan and get people back to work.

11/03/2020 – The first Coronavirus case in DR Congo has been announced. The patient is a Belgian citizen who has been in the country for several days.

11/03/2020 – By the time you read this, these figures will be out of date. But as of the early morning on 11/03/2020. Known Coronavirus/Covid-19 stats for Europe were:

  • Italy – which has the highest number of cases outside China – has more than 10,000 infections and 631 deaths 
  • France has reported 1,784 cases and 33 deaths 
  • Spain has 1,689 cases and 36 deaths 
  • Germany has 1,200 cases and at two deaths 
  • Switzerland has 476 cases and three deaths 
  • The UK has 382 cases and six deaths 
  • The Netherlands has 382 cases and four deaths
  • On Wednesday, Belgium, which has 267 cases, reported its first death connected to Covid-19.

11/03/2020 – As the spread of Coronavirus slows in China, Beijing will quarantine all international arrivals to reduce the chance of reverse infection. i.e. people bringing the virus back into the country where it could flare up again.

11/03/2020 – Radio Télévision Belge is reporting that Belgium has recorded its first death as a result of Coronavirus / Covid-19. A 90-year old man from Brussels has died. 

11/03/2020 – The number of Iranians contracting coronavirus and dying from the disease hit a new daily record, the ministry of health revealed on Wednesday. It announced that 956 people had caught the disease in the past 24 hours and over the same period 68 deaths had been recorded.

The numbers take the total number of deaths in Iran to 354 and the number of those infected to about 9,000. 

11/03/2020 – Michael Gove, the Cabinet Office minister, has said that the next round of trade talks between the UK and the European Union, which were due to start next week, might have to be cancelled because of coronavirus.

11/03/2020Germany‘s Merkel says 60-70% of country’s population could become infected with Covid-19.

11/03/2020 – Today the Philippines confirmed 16 more cases of Covid-19 / Coronavirus, bringing the total number of cases to 49. Although still low by comparison to other countries’ outbreaks, there’s fear that this country of more than 100 million people is under-reporting the real extent of local transmission.

11/03/2020 – The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the UK has now reached 456, after the biggest rise in a single day.

The Department of Health confirmed there had been 83 more cases since Tuesday. Six patients with coronavirus have died in hospitals in the UK so far.

11/03/2020Belgium’s health ministry has announced an additional two deaths from Covid-19 / Coronavirus, having earlier reported the country’s first fatality from the virus. 

The two men who died were aged 73 and 86. Earlier, the ministry said a 90-year-old woman had died. In total, 314 cases have been confirmed in the country. These deaths are in addition to the death of a Belgian national shortly after their arrival in DR Congo.

11/03/2020Hungary has declared a state of emergency in response to the coronavirus outbreak, closing universities and banning large gatherings.

11/03/2020 Sweden reported its first death from Covid-19 / Coronavruis today.The elderly patient, who had “an underlying sickness”, died in intensive care at a hospital in the Stockholm region, Reuters reports. 

11/03/2020 Sweden has around 460 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus / Covid-19.

11/03/2020 Ireland also announced its first death from Coronavirus today.

11/03/2020 – Coronavirus declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO)

11/03/2020 – Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the WHO director-general, says there are now more than 118,000 cases in 114 countries, and 4,291 people have lost their lives. 

11/03/2020 – 10th UK death announced. NHS England has announced that another person has died after testing positive for coronavirus. They are the eighth to die in the UK. Two more British people have also died abroad (Japan and Indonesia).

12/03/2020 – Italian death toll jumps by 196 in a single day.

12/03/2020 – On Wednesday evening, the number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Spain rose to 2,152 almost half of which, 1,024 are in the Madrid region. Fifty people have so far died from the virus, 31 of them in the capital and the surrounding area. Spain has the second highest number of confirmed cases of the virus in Europe after Italy.

12/03/2020 – The UK is expected to today, switch to tactics aimed at delaying Covid-19’s its spread, rather than containing it, when the government’s emergency committee meets.

12/03/2020 – The USA has announced a ban on passengers from 26 European countries from entering the US. This does not include Ireland and the UK which are exempt.

12/03/2020 – India has barred the entry of all foreign tourists for one month starting tomorrow in a bid to contain the coronavirus. The ban on foreign visitors includes foreign nationals of Indian origin.

12/03/2020 – The total number of coronavirus cases worldwide now stands at 126,258, according to figures from Johns Hopkins University. There have been 4,638 deaths.

12/03/2020 – Italy’s government has ordered all shops, bars and restaurants across the country to close after the country’s death toll from the coronavirus outbreak rose by 31% in the space of 24 hours to a total of 827.

12/03/2020 – Ireland’s taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, has announced the closure of all schools, colleges and childcare facilities from tomorrow as part of a partial lockdown that will apply from 6pm tonight until 29 March. 

In addition, all indoor gatherings of 100 people or more and outdoor gatherings of 500 or more will be banned.

12/03/2020 – Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has announced a “lockdown” of the capital Manila in a bid to combat the spread of coronavirus. So far in the Philippines, two people have died and 53 cases have been confirmed. 

The president also announced bans on mass gatherings, a month of school closures and the quarantining of communities where cases are detected.

12/03/2020 – US congressional buildings in Washington DC will close to the public on Thursday until 1 April, the Associated Press news agency is reporting.

12/03/2020 – Slovakia is closing its borders to non-residents and shutting down international airports to prevent travel to and from the country, Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini has announced.

12/03/2020 – Latest global figures from the World Health Organisation. state there have been more than 124,000 cases of the Coronavirus and more than 4,600 deaths. According to its latest figures, the countries worst affected are:

  • China – 80,980 confirmed cases and 3,136 deaths
  • Italy – 12,462 cases, with 827 deaths
  • Iran – 9,000 cases, with 354 deaths
  • South Korea – 7,869 with 66 deaths
  • France – 2,269 cases, with 48 deaths
  • Spain – 2,140 cases, with 49 deaths

12/03/2020 – Officials in China say the peak of the country’s outbreak is over, after just 15 new cases were logged across the country on Thursday. Hubei province which is the epicentre of the virus has logged just eight new infections over the last 24 hours.

12/03/2020 – The confirmed number of Coronavirus / Covid-19 cases in the UK stands at 590 with 10 deaths in the UK and two British nationals dead outside the country.

12/03/2020 – Global. At the start of US trading today, shares plunged and triggered an automatic temporary suspension in trading aimed at curbing panicky selling. This is the second time this has happened this week.

When trade resumed, shares continued to fall, following European markets lower. The initial declines came after the US restricted travel from mainland Europe. The Dow led falls on the US indexes, dropping more than 8%. The UK’s main share index was down more than 9%, trading at its lowest level since the 2008 financial crisis.

12/03/2020 – Concerns are growing that the deportation of migrants from the US and Mexico could accelerate the spread of Coronavirus in Central America, after authorities in Honduras suspended repatriation flights and confirmed the first two cases in the country (Jeff Ernst, the Guardian).

12/03/2020 – The testing system for the coronavirus in the US is currently failing, according to the top health official on infectious diseases, Dr Anthony Fauci.

12/03/2020 – The latest Covid-19 / Coronavirus figures for Iran are 429 deaths and at least 10,075 confirmed infections.

12/03/2020 – The Netherlands has reported 614 cases and five deaths from the virus. The government has banned events involving more than 100 people and is urging citizens to work from home.

12/03/2020 – Speech by the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson:

‘It’s clear that coronavirus Covid-19 continues and will continue to spread across the world and our country over the next few months. We’ve done what can be done to contain this disease, and this has bought us valuable time, but it’s now a global pandemic.

The number of cases will rise sharply, indeed the true number of cases is higher – perhaps much higher – than the number of cases we have so far confirmed with tests.

We’ve all got to be clear, this is the worst public health crisis for a generation. Some people compare it to seasonal flu, alas that is not right. Due to the lack of immunity this disease is more dangerous.

It is going to spread further and I must level with you, I must level with the British public: many more families are going to loose loved ones before their time.’

12/03/2020 Coronavirus UK: as many as 10,000 in Britain may already have it, says British Prime Minister. The UK Chief medical officer adds that 80% of the nation could contract it, with half a million Brits dying. (Source: Guardian UK)

13/03/2020 – The US has closed Broadway and banned all major sporting events as part of its attempts to reduce the spread of Covid-19 / Coronavirus.

13/03/2020China reports only 8 new cases of Covid-19 / Coronavirus.

13/03/2020 – Global. Up to 50 million people in the travel and holiday sector could lose their jobs due to the coronavirus, an industry body warned today.

The World Travel and Tourism Council fears that demand for international travel could slump by 25% this year — causing 12-14% of workers in the sector to be laid off.

13/03/2020 UK & Global. The FTSE 100 has leapt by over 6%, or 332 points, back to 5565 points.

13/03/2020 – UK The Coronavirus epidemic is causing increased stress and anxiety, , particularly people with existing mental health problems, practitioners and campaigners have said.

Reactions to the crisis can include feeling overwhelmed, fearful, sad, angry and helpless, according to experts. Some people may have difficulty sleeping or concentrating. Fear of contact with others, travelling on public transport or going into public spaces may increase, and some people will have physical symptoms, such as an increased heart rate or upset stomach.

13/03/2020 – Most sporting fixtures in the UK have been put on hold due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

13/03/2020 – The global coronavirus death toll pandemic has passed 5,000 since the virus was first identified in December, according to Johns Hopkins university USA.

The tally so far is 5,065 deaths out of 136,929 confirmed cases. This gives an average mortality rate for the virus of 3.75%.

The total number of patients that have recovered from the disease is 69,623.

13/03/2020 – The UK Department of Health has confirmed there are now 798 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the UK. This is up 208 since yesterday. 

13/03/2020 – Local and mayoral elections in England will be postponed for a year to May 2021 due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Downing Street said it would be impractical to hold the elections as planned, as they would come during the peak of the spread of the virus. 

Polls were due in 118 English councils, the London Assembly and seven English regional mayors.

13/03/2020 – Louisiana becomes first US state to delay presidential primary over coronavirus concerns

Louisiana will postpone its April 4 presidential preference primary amid ongoing concern over coronavirus, Kyle Ardoin, the state’s top election official announced on Friday.

13/03/2020 – The head of the World Health Organization says Europe is now the “epicentre” of the global coronavirus pandemic.

Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus urged countries to use aggressive measures, community mobilisation and social distancing to save lives.

His comments came as several countries in Europe reported steep rises in the number of infections and deaths. Spain is now the worst affected after Italy.

On Friday, Spain reported a 50% jump in fatalities to 120. Infections in the country increased to 4,200.

13/03/2020 – The London Marathon has been postponed from April to October in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The UK’s showpiece road running event had been under growing threat, with the prospect of a sold-out field of 40,000 converging on the UK’s capital, and the associated effects of such large numbers of entrants and spectactors converging on London’s transport network, proving increasingly untenable.

This will hit a large number of charities hard financially, most amateur runners in the marathon run for charities, and use it to raise a large amount of money for good causes.

It follows on from the earlier decisions to suspend football matches in the English Premier League, and the six nations rugby match between Scotland and Wales on Saturday the 14th.

14/03/2020 – US President Donald Trump declares Coronavirus a national emergency, freeing up $50bn in federal funding and promising a screening website and drive-by tests.

Trump said his team expected “half a million additional tests will be available early next week which will bring probably 1.4m tests next week and 5m in a month. Our overriding goal is to stop the spread of the virus.”

14/03/2020 – US cases have spread to at least 46 states involving at least 1,920 patients and 41 deaths.

14/03/2020 – The US military said later on Friday that it would halt all domestic travel, with some exceptions, for service members, defense department civilians and their families. This will last until 11th May at the earliest.

14/03/2020 – Trump also announced that he would waive interest on all student loans held by government agencies until further notice and was buying big quantities of crude oil for storage in the US strategic reserve.

14/03/2020 – Early today US (Saturday), the House overwhelmingly passed a coronavirus aid package that would provide free testing and paid sick leave, in a bid to limit the economic damage from a pandemic that has shuttered schools, sports arenas and offices.

14/03/2020US Trump is invoking the law known as the 1988 Stafford Act, which gives the White House and the federal government special powers to assist state and local governments during “natural catastrophes”. Only the president can declare a major disaster, under the law.

14/03/2020 – A newborn baby has tested positive for coronavirus in what is thought to be the youngest case of the disease in the UK, it has emerged.

The child’s mother, who was taken to a north London hospital days before the birth with suspected pneumonia, has also caught the virus.

It is not known whether the child contracted the disease in the womb or was infected during birth. 

14/03/2020 – UK Jet2 planes heading to Spain turned back in mid-air on Saturday as the airline cancelled all flights to the country because of the Covid-19 / Coronavirus pandemic.

14/03/2020 – The US response to the coronavirus outbreak drastically escalated in California this week, with officials working to curb the spread by canceling school, postponing festivals and prohibiting large gatherings.

As of Friday, the virus had killed five people in California, with 247 cases confirmed – now the third largest number of cases in the nation, after Washington and New York.

14/03/2020 – Ten more patients who tested positive for the Coronavirus have died, bringing the death toll in the UK to 21, NHS England has said.

All patients were in “at-risk” groups, making them more vulnerable to the effects of the virus.

14/03/2020 – China has just released figures that show that the number of cases brought in from abroad has exceeded those infected domestically for the first time.

14/03/2020 – A group of Dutch scientists believe they’ve found an antibody that could help to detect and prevent the coronavirus from being able to infect people.  It hasn’t been tested on humans though and this process that will take months. 

The researchers at the Erasmus Medical Centre and Utrecht University describe their discovery as an antibody to Sars2, the coronavirus causing the current pandemic (Covid-19).

14/03/2020 – The total number of confirmed cases in the UK has risen to 1,140, the NHS said, up from 798 on Friday.

14/03/2020 – In Yemen, the Houthi rebels have effectively blocked vital UN flights after closing Sanaa aiport.

14/03/2020Japan‘s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has said the Tokyo Olympic Games will go ahead as planned in July, despite coronavirus concerns resulting in the postponement of many sporting events.

But he added that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) would have the final decision whether Tokyo 2020 went ahead.

14/03/2020 – The number of recorded infections in the Netherlands has risen by 155 to 959 – a jump of nearly 20%.

The country’s health ministry said two people had died from the virus since the outbreak began in the country.

14/03/2020 – The official death toll from Coronavirus in Iran has jumped by 97 to reach total of 611.

14/03/2020Spain announces 1,500 new cases, bringing the total there to 5,700.

14/03/2020 – President Donald Trump’s travel ban on 26 European nations has come into force in the US, as part of a contingency plan to tackle the coronavirus crisis.

The ban applies to non-Americans who have been in the Schengen border-free travel area within 14 days of travelling to the US

People travelling from the UK and the Republic of Ireland are exempt, as are returning US citizens.

14/03/2020 – In Australia, the number of confirmed cases rose to 200, with three deaths

14/03/2020 – In China, health authorities said there were 13 deaths and 11 new cases

14/03/2020South Korea has reported more recoveries (204) than new infections for the second day in a row.

14/03/2020 – US extends Europe travel ban to include the UK and Ireland.

14/03/2020French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has ordered the closure of all non-essential public locations from midnight (23:00 GMT Saturday) in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

The measure applies to restaurants, cafes, cinemas and discos, as well as non-essential businesses.

14/03/2020 – France reported a sharp rise in cases on Saturday, from 3,661 to 4,499. It recorded 12 more deaths, bringing the toll to 79.

14/03/2020 – Hundreds of scientists have written to the government urging them to introduce tougher measures to tackle the spread of Covid-19.

In an open letter, a group of 229 scientists from UK universities say the government’s current approach will put the NHS under additional stress and “risk many more lives than necessary”.

The signatories also criticised comments made by Sir Patrick Vallance, the government’s chief scientific adviser, about managing the spread of the infection to make the population immune.

14/03/2020 – latest UK Coronavirus figures are: A total of 37,746 have been tested with 36,606 negative and 1,140 positive. Across the UK, 21 patients who tested positive for Coronavirus (COVID-19) have died.

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