Coronavirus Live Updates and Outbreak Map

This Coronavirus live update map is based on the definitive daily global data list for Coronavirus infections and deaths.

If you want to know the latest figures on how many people have died from the Coronavirus in the US for example, or the whole world, this will tell you.

The data is updated live and collated throughout the day so it is worth bookmarking this page and coming back whenever you like.

Once you have selected a country you can then drill down state by state and City by City to find how many cases there have been where you live.

It is best viewed on a desktop or laptop PC, but if you want to check it out on your mobile, we recommend you hold your device in landscape mode and it should resize to fit.

Latest Coronavirus News:

This outbreak map works best on a laptop/desktop, or on a mobile device in landscape mode.

For the latest news on Coronavirus check out the CDC